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Past Event Feedback

Pre-marital Course:

I have been to several pre-marital courses and found this one to be the best of them all. Everything one can think of is mentioned and the delivery of the topics was great.

Towards the end I particularly enjoyed the discussion about why there are so many divorces occurring. I felt it summed up the whole issue well and got to the heart of the problem.

All the content was informative, it was quite good how each topic was broken into steps, which lead up to engagement and thereafter marriage. It was also good when we had a chance to be interactive and do some group work, it gave us a chance to really think about the questions.

The Shaykh using his stories as examples were good to relate what he was saying to actual experiences!

Excellent content and delivery method. Gave well researched material from the Quran and Hadeeth, so this was definitely a good thing. And overall generally the quality of the content and information was first class.

It was superb nothing could be improved.Shiekh Amer and his wife delivered exceptionally well.

he course was very interesting and inspiritional. I would recommend there are more courses like this in the future. Shaikh Amer was very good with discussing issues which are affecting our community today and which people are scared to talk about. Also learnt alot of things i did not know about. Very well done.

Thoroughly enjoyed the course today, and I am sure everyone who did attend has benefited from it in many ways. This course is not to be missed under any circumstances

Well done also for broaching sensitive areas which are rarely normally discussed but were delivered with thought and tact! I would definetly recommend the course to folk for next time and have personally learnt a lot

I particularly enjoyed the questions and answers section because i feel that's what benefited me the most- real life situations and how to get by them. I loved the course and would do it all over again

Marriage Course:

The course was very informative with lots of tips! I got lot out of it mashallah! The course addressed so many issues that need addressing in today's society! The course was well worth it! Would highly recommend it to everyone

A great follow on from the premarital course; digging deeper into marital issues and gaining an insight into ways to maintain a happy and healthy married life. For those who didnít attend you missed out and must sign up for the next one inshallah!

The course was excellent. Both me and my wife enjoyed and felt very happy in attending.

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