Unity family services
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"It gave us a chance to speak without fights, arguments or bad feelings towards each other. To confirm certain aspects of relationship and some things we did not notice or realise"

"Some simple but great and powerful advice"

"My marriage could have ended that day or the least would have got worse if we had not attended the session"

"Felt there was someone knowledgeable to get advice from. Everything mentioned was looked at and an appropriate response given. Practical suggestions were given"

"In my case I was receiving different opinions and views about my enquiry and now that I have received my reply with facts I am more confident in taking the relevant steps"

"This is an excelent service that is badly needed"

"I think it is very important to have such a service in place as there are many people who need this support and are unaware of Unity"

"I appreciate all of the help I received and would just like to say thank you"

"Unity advised me and I am sure there are many out there who do not know who to approach when relating to sensitive issues"

"Unity could do a lot more if given more resources"

"The sheikh at unity family services is the first I have ever come across who not only respects my confidentiality but really tried to understand what I had been through and provided the advice and words that are helping me to get through this situation"

"Received prompt and concise advice which I couldn’t find elsewhere"

Unity family services