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Keeping Scotland’s Families Together

Creating families; raising children; staying together and growing together. It should all be so simple. However, these days, media pressures, alcohol and drugs, the temptations of adultery, and quirks of the British tax and benefits system make it harder and harder to keep families together.

How much harder, then, is it for Muslims, with their added cultural and religious factors, to keep their families intact?

UNITY Family Services is Scotland's first and only family guidance and support charity aimed specially at the Muslim community. UNITY provides solutions that go beyond marriage guidance, comprising marriage and family issues but at the same time respecting religious principles and practice.

According to our research, the cost of family breakdown in Britain is now well over 20 billion pounds a year. The toll in human terms is even worse: those who have experienced a broken family are 75% more likely to fail at school, 70% more likely to become drug addicts and 35% more likely to be unemployed. 70% of young offenders come from lone-parent families.

From the launch of Unity Family Services in 2009 we have been working with over 100 families/couples a year. This has all been achieved with limited funds and resources. Unity could do so much more with additional support. Please help us to support Muslim families to survive today’s challenges, by making a one off payment or a regular donation.

The stakes are high and the need is urgent.
Unity family services